Andes Grey Lappato 600 x 600 YF600615

Andes Grey Lappato 600 x 600 (YF600615) tiles  have a rougher surfaces creating them less slippery. They need a lightweight sand texture embedded within the glaze.

Porcelain tiles get in set with furnished furnishings of homes and offices as a result of they provided form of colors, shapes and sizes. An original expression of your temperament on your floors and walls. These absolutely vitreous porcelain tiles are extremely sturdy with a extended life. These tiles are fireproof, rendering them the safest alternative for homes and offices. Perfect for outside use like places with high pedestrian traffic.  Above all their strength and non-porous nature build them extremely proof against staining. These Tiles are rectified tiles are automatically cut throughout producing, typically with a patterned diamond blade allowing you to use minimum grout lines. The smaller grout joints enables  a stunning  look to the ground and are easier to wash.

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Each packs = 1.44m2